Aromas and scents can have a massive impact on how we feel at work. A pleasant scent can really boost productivity and staff morale, so it is beneficial to have some scents in place.

Here are 3 scents which will create a great impression in the workplace:


This is a great scent for enhancing concentration and boosting productivity in the office. Studies have proved that there were considerably fewer typing errors when there has been an aroma of lemon in the workplace. Also, lavender can have a similar effect, but lemon is much better.

By having lemons in the office, the sharp aroma may lead potential clients to associate your business with freshness and vibrancy which are two very desirable characteristics in any company.


The aroma of fresh coffee is a beautiful scent, and it is known to enhance productivity, unlike the smell of stale coffee which can be fairly unpleasant. Studies have shown that the aroma from coffee will improve performance overall and that employers can expect to see higher performance and alertness from staff.

By having some fresh coffee in the office, you should notice the difference in the staff, and this, in turn, will boost morale and hopefully profits!


You may want to try a softer scent if lemon and coffee scents aren’t quite your cup of tea. Jasmine is a floral scent that can improve your mood, and it can have positive effects on brain waves, which suggests that the scent reduces feelings of drowsiness whilst also increasing feelings of well-being. It also promotes activeness and freshness, and these really help in the workplace with day to day tasks.