We all know that busy offices and workplaces can have a musty smell due to the high volume of traffic and people rushing around all day. A quick spray of air freshener can be a temporary solution to this, but it is not the real solution.

Believe it or not, but a quarter of the ingredients in air fresheners are classed as toxic or hazardous. When you see what is happening to the world with the rapid rise in pollution, it’s crazy to think that we could be causing so much damage with just one can of air freshener.

Should we be worried about using air freshener?

Although it has been proven that chemicals present in the air can be hazardous, it hasn’t yet been proven that sporadic usage will cause you any harm. However, it is important that you consider the risk of air fresheners so you can then make the best choice for your health. Also be aware of your children’s lungs, as they cannot filter out chemicals as effectively as we can.

There have also been studies carried out into whether some particles in air fresheners can cause shortness of breath, headaches and even kidney and liver damage.

How can I avoid this?

Rather than using air freshener, try to keep the office or workspace well ventilated by opening doors and windows wherever possible. Organising plants which absorb chemicals around the office is a great way to combat this effectively. Also painting rooms will absorb odours and pollutants.

Try using non-toxic air fresheners instead of your usual favourites, ones that don’t include formaldehyde – look for natural air fresheners or any which aren’t labelled as fragranced.

Doing small things like setting up cleaning rotas to make sure that mugs aren’t being left out to go smelly and bins are collected regularly will all help to prevent odours occurring in the first place.

Best of all is hiring a commercial cleaning company to get to the heart of the problem – cleaning out desks, bins, windows, carpets and more to put a stop to the build-up of rubbish and remove any odours effectively.

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