As we are coming into the Summer months, we are all a bit self-conscious and losing a few pounds can only boost our confidence when we want to wear our shorts or bikinis and catch some rays.

If you follow these easy steps, you can burn calories whilst cleaning around the house.


Have you noticed how much you sweat when you are cleaning around the house? This is because hoovering and dusting and other regular cleaning can raise your heart rate and also strengthens your muscles. If you can aim to do a few hours of physical activity every week, you can burn a lot of calories, so by keeping to your household activities, you will benefit in more ways than one. A few little changes to your daily routine and you could be nearing closer to your Summer body!

Time to burn 100 calories as part of your daily routine:

Going for a walk: 35 minutes

Hoovering and dusting: 29 minutes

Mopping the floor: 20 minutes

Moving the furniture around: 14 minutes


As we all know, we exercise much harder when we are listening to motivating music. It also makes time pass so much quicker when you’re listening to your favourite music and it makes us feel good. You could set up a playlist of your favourite songs to keep you going!


Windows get dirty so quickly, and they really need to be maintained. See if you can commit to cleaning them once a month. This will not only help you have a brighter home, but you would be giving yourself a full body workout every month. Stretching really works those hard to reach muscles around your torso and your arms are also being put to work.


If you have children or pets, the floors can become really dirty. We recommend a weekly deep clean of the kitchen and bathroom floors. The floors should be swept thoroughly first, making sure that you get around all the edges, then you can give the floor a really good clean with the mop, not only will the floors be gleaming, but you will have given yourself a rigorous workout.


As adults, we spend too much time sitting down. We need to become more active, even in our own homes. Use the stairs as much as you can, this can be added to your daily workout whilst cleaning. If you are cleaning all of the rooms, you can take turns by cleaning one room upstairs and then one downstairs and so on, this will help you to take the most amount of steps possible.

This may take a bit longer, but you will be working all of your leg muscles and burning extra calories, maybe even try running up the stairs!


Some areas in the home are high level or a bit out of sight such as the tops of cupboards. You may have high ceilings which need a going over with a feather duster to remove cobwebs and any unwanted dust or debris. Add these areas into your routine to burn even more calories on a regular basis.

It’s not all about going to the gym – these little changes can make a massive difference!