You may have thought about whether or not to hire an office cleaning company in 2020 to take care of all of your cleaning needs.  When you look around the office to see that it is really untidy, you don’t know where to start.

We will go through just a few reasons as to why it is important to have a clean and tidy workplace and to let the professionals take care of everything. There are a number of reasons why you should outsource your cleaning to a professional office cleaning company to maintain the standard of your office. First of all, having a clean working environment contributes to staff morale and a higher standard of work from your employees.

The average employee loses 9 working days per year due to sickness, which can be down to the cleanliness of the workplace, with staff picking up bugs from office germs and bacteria. An untidy workplace can also hinder someone’s ability to carry out normal everyday tasks thus decreasing productivity. If your office is kept clean, it can improve timekeeping and efficiency, the mental wellbeing of staff, and also profits, morale, and attendance.

Not only is a clean office a welcoming sight for your employees, but for your potential clients and business partners. This shows that you are a professional and serious business. So why should you outsource your cleaning?

There are a lot of reasons to hire an office cleaning company, but the two main reasons are productivity and also the cost-effectiveness for your business. When you are hiring a cleaning company, this really helps with taking a lot of the workload off your shoulders, so you have more time to dedicate to running the office.

Improves Your Focus On Core Competencies

By hiring a professional cleaning company, this will allow you to focus on more pressing things, like the main strategies which you need to ensure that your business succeeds. If you can leave the cleaning to the professionals, then you can focus on the more important tasks in the workplace.

Better Standards

Cleaning companies have so much experience and provide the highest standards of quality to keep your workplace clean and presentable at all times. Not only will you see a better standard of cleaning, but you won’t have to worry about anything as they will take care of everything for you.

A Cleaner Office Ensures Greater Productivity

This is one of the main reasons that you should choose to hire a professional cleaning company, as greater productivity is vital to the success of your business, and this directly influences efficiency and profits. Outsourcing your cleaning can really help towards the day to day running of your business, and will not only look clean but it will be clean to the touch.

Professional cleaning companies use specialist materials and products to ensure that your office is cleaned to the highest standards. This is vitally important to keep germs away from the workplace and to ensure that your employees do not miss any days due to sickness.

Flexible And Scalable On-Demand Service

The best thing about hiring a professional cleaning company to manage the cleaning of your office is that you don’t even have to be at work, which means that you can spend less on overtime costs and gives you more free time. A professional cleaning company will have the flexibility to work around your needs. This means that they can clean the office at the end of the day or in the morning before you start so the office is clean and tidy for when you arrive.

Most cleaning companies will require you to meet a minimum number of hours, although it is still very scalable. A professional cleaning company will be more than happy to work out a schedule with the client and allocate different hours or shifts within the week to suit you.

Cost-Effective And Profitable

Even though you are paying for a professional cleaning service, you will really save money in the long run for many reasons. Obviously the standard of the cleaning will be much better and the office will stay cleaner for longer. Because the pressure is taken off you, this means that you can concentrate on important work and increase profits.

As an added bonus, you will be able to cut down on recruitment costs and you won’t need to carry out extra staff training, or worry about sickness or employee benefits.

Easy To Maintain Standards And Eco-Friendliness

The professionals will always be one step ahead, and they know all about the best eco-friendly products that you could use as alternatives to your current cleaning products, which will help you to be kinder to the environment.

Cleaning companies know which products to use to keep up with modern processes, and can source eco-friendly products which will create a low carbon footprint which can help your brand and will show to everyone that you are doing your best to protect the environment.

Hiring A Cleaning Company Transfers Insurance Cost To Them

By hiring a cleaning company, this will cut down insurance costs. They will be able to take over the costs for the cleaning as they will have all of the relevant insurance costs and the correct staff for the job. This means that you won’t have to cover a large liability sum if there is an accident of any type.

Get Personalised Cleaning Services

One of the main benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company is that you have one point of contact and you can go over all of your requirements with them. This means that you can have a personalised service tailored to your exact needs. A professional cleaning company will always be willing to help to make your life easier.

Limit Distractions

With a cleaning company carrying out all of your cleaning, this will limit distractions by trying to get your own staff to clean. Having an office free from clutter is much less distracting and your employees will have a better level of focus.

You should definitely choose a company that is highly reputable and trustworthy, with years of experience to ensure that you get the best service possible.


As we all know, the workplace is where we spend most of our day. These areas are also used by the public so they need to be kept clean at all times, to ensure that staff and customers are protected from germs and bacteria. It is a legal requirement to keep a clean workplace. Some companies choose to do their own cleaning rather than hiring a professional office cleaning company to take care of everything.

This is not the best idea, as you will not see the best results. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service:

Compliance With Regulations

The U.K government has safety and cleanliness standards for a wide range of business. These include premises such as restaurants, healthcare facilities and regular offices. All of these standards are to protect employees and customers from health hazards. By having contract cleaning in place, your business can improve its compliance with health and safety regulations. Having a professional cleaning company in place ensures compliance in the workplace.

Specialist Staff And Cleaning Equipment

Due to the complex architecture of different buildings, some workplaces will be more difficult than others. A professional cleaning company will have all of the specialist tools and equipment required to clean all types of areas in your building. The cleaning operatives will be very experienced in handling all types of dirt and grime, so they will know which cleaning products to use. It will also ensure that your workplace is clean whilst reducing the risk of damage which could be done by using the incorrect cleaning products. A contract cleaning company would use a vacuum cleaner on a carpet rather using chemicals.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

If you hire a professional cleaning company, you can ask them to supply eco-friendly cleaning products for your workplace. This will be much more cost-effective than do it yourself cleaning as the contractor will be able to easily source these types of products for you, and these are really effective. It can really help to increase your appeal to your customers as a company that cares about the environment.

Boost Business Reputation

There is no better way of proving to your customer that your company is run professionally, by hiring a professional cleaning company. Staff and customers will be confident that their workspace is clean and germ free, all by hiring professional cleaners. The building will be left spotlessly clean, and welcoming to all visitors. In turn, customers will spread the word that your premises is clean and you are adhering to all of the relevant health and safety standards. Basically, you will earn a great reputation.

Focus On The Core Business

Businesses used to hire staff to provide all types of services from couriers to marketing etc. Managers then began to realise that it was better to focus on their core business and outsource other services. This helps businesses to focus all of their recruitment investments on staff who provide core services. Your business will then improve productivity and efficiency as all systems are aimed at getting maximum value from core staff.

Cost Savings

Hiring professional cleaners is proven to be a lot more cost-effective than doing it all in-house. This enables your business to save on the costs of hiring permanent staff. It will also save you money when you factor in the cost of recruitment and benefits. These are all costs which are just transferred to the cleaning company which will lead to a saving in workforce costs. By hiring the professionals, you will be able to negotiate the best price for your business and if required, you can order consumable supplies from them at competitive rates.

Cleaning Companies Have Specialist and Professional Staff

Professional cleaning companies will have a rigorous hiring process, which ensures that you are receiving the best staff to look after your workplace. The staff will be trained in specialist cleaning methods so they can use specialist cleaning equipment and products. Any office cleaning company should have many cleaning resources including tools and procedures which won’t be everyday household processes.


Most cleaning companies will have full liability insurance to cover all types of risks in the workplace. They will always have wet floor signs and will take the utmost care to minimise the risk of accidents related to cleaning. The cover will include damage and loss of property and accidents which may result from the cleaning service. Outsourcing your cleaning reduces the costs associated with claims in the workplace.