When the builders have finished their works, this is when the real work begins. If you are having renovation works done at home, the dust which is left after the builders can be a nightmare for you to clean. It gets absolutely everywhere and can take forever to remove without some help. This is why it is best to hire a professional cleaning company which provides an after builders cleaning service. It is the most efficient way to remove all of the dust and to leave your property sparkling clean. These are our top tips for after builders cleaning…


Prior to works being carried out, all electrical items should be covered with plastic wrap. This will ensure that the dust does not damage them at all. You may want to wait until the building works have been completed before you start with any cleaning at the property, but you can do a small daily clean up if you like to minimise the build-up of dust.


Builders dust can be hard to remove, as it is moved around the property when swept. If there is plaster or other large pieces of debris, then sweeping cannot be avoided. All of the windows should be left open when sweeping up dust to encourage as much dust as possible to leave the room. This will create a nice flow of air throughout the property and the airborne dust can then settle once you have finished.


Dust can cover your walls and ceiling very quickly without you even noticing. To remove this dust, use a damp cloth and gently run it over the walls until the dust has gone. Be sure not to wipe the walls with a damp cloth if the walls have been recently painted, as it can leave them looking discoloured or patchy.


You should use your vacuum to remove the remainder of the dust. Make sure that you check the filter regularly so it doesn’t fill up with dust, or this could completely ruin your vacuum cleaner. Give each room the once over to ensure that all of the builders’ dust has been removed from the property.


All of the dust should be vacuumed before you start to mop the floors. You can then use your preferred cleaning agent to mop the floor, and this should be done a couple of times to ensure that all smudges are removed. If you mop the floor once it will not be enough, so you need to give the floors a thorough mopping.


Builders dust gets everywhere, including windows and windowsills, tables, shelving, and many other surfaces. When attempting to vacuum these type of areas, you should replace the fitting with a small round nozzle with a brush on it, most vacuum cleaners will have these included. This will help you to remove the dust quickly and efficiently and the nozzle can get into all of the nooks and crannies, without damaging anything. Those areas would need a wipe down afterward with a damp cloth to remove any residue.


If you keep the air flow in your home moving, this will contain the dust and keep it to a minimum. This will ensure that it will not settle on the floors and other areas.

You should purchase a really good vacuum cleaner with a good filter to trap all of the really small dust particles. This will stop them from being blown all around the property, regular vacuum cleaners will not be good enough to clean up after an after builders clean. You should only have to run the vacuum over the floor a couple of times.

Be patient – we know that cleaning up after builders dust is not an easy thing to do. It can take a really long time and you may have to repeat the same steps over and over before all of the dust and debris has gone for good. If you follow these tips though, you will have better luck.

If you want to save time and a lot of hassles, you should really invest in a professional cleaning company, We can assist you with your after builders cleaning requirements, as we have years of experience in this area. Get in touch and we will be more than happy to help!