An untidy or dirty office can make everyone less motivated at work, which in turn reduces productivity in the workplace. Providing a pristine workspace will motivate employees and will impress your clients as it shows that you are professional. A clean office means a clean mindset, so here are a few essential areas which you or your cleaner should make sure to check…


As we all know, the microwave can get messy very quickly. They are used daily and when heating food, it can cause splashes and spills. This can harbour dangerous bacteria if it is not cleaned, and the smell can be really bad, and you don’t want to have that odour in the office, as this could definitely put a halt on potential business.


These areas are usually not the easiest to clean and may be missed by yourself. It’s very important that they are cleaned as they can really accumulate a lot of dust which you won’t be able to see as it will be sitting on top of the fan or light. You need to ensure that the office is spotless, so keep an eye out, your cleaner will be able to rectify these areas.


Where there may be large items of furniture, the area may look clean but there could be a lot of dirt around or underneath – especially with heavy armchairs or sofas. Dust and debris and oil in upholstered furniture needs to be maintained, as you don’t want your clients sitting on dirty chairs!


These are used so often on a daily basis, especially if you have a lot of employees. Imagine the number of times that someone touches a door handle or the banisters going up or down the stairs. It is really important that these areas are disinfected daily, as they have substantial interaction with bacteria. Just because they may not look dirty, you can’t see the germs but they are there!


If employees are eating lunch at their desks, and then they use their mouse and keyboard, they are going to be spreading germs and bacteria onto those areas. The keys can become greasy and oily. These are strong environments for bacteria to grow and this could increase the chance of employees becoming ill.

If you follow these steps, you will have a germ free and healthy workplace for everyone.

To really keep on top of things, you need to hire a commercial cleaning company to maintain the cleanliness of the office. We can help with all of your office cleaning requirements.

We are fully ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, BICSc and Safecontractor accredited for your extra peace of mind. Health and Safety are of utmost importance to us and this demonstrates to our clients that everything is being handled professionally.

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