Usually we associate Spring with deep cleaning, but a deep clean in Autumn can really be the solution to a healthier you by the time you get into the colder months when colds and flus are rampant.

Busy offices and schools, and even your home can attract an abundance of germs and bacteria in the Summer. As we all know, your immune system weakens in the Winter and you are much more likely to become ill.

If you give your office or home a professional deep clean in Autumn, this could really help when it comes to your immune system.

Here are 5 reasons why it is best to carry out a deep clean in Autumn.

  1. A Healthy Office or Home Environment

Your office or home can accumulate dust, dirt and even mould. This, in turn, can be a welcoming environment for viruses and bacteria to thrive.

We recommend that you carry out a deep clean of your office or school at least twice a year. A professional deep clean of your workplace produces results which could not be matched by a regular domestic clean. By cleaning and dusting thoroughly, this will ensure that your employees are happier thus boosting productivity, and minimising employee sick days.

  1. Reduce sickness and improve allergies

By deep cleaning radiators and heaters, this will really help anyone with allergies, as they can harbour a significant amount of dust. We all know that central heating and sudden changes in temperature can cause illness, especially after the Summer. Dry air can cause sore throats and coughs, and along with the build-up of dust in your radiators, this could be a big problem for anyone who may suffer from asthma.

A deep clean of your radiators before switching the central heating on will make a massive difference to the health of all employees.

  1. A better standard of cleaning

Deep cleaning gets in to those hard to reach areas which cannot be cleaned easily on a daily basis. If the furniture is moved then we can make sure that all corners are cleaned along with all carpets to remove as much dust and debris as possible.

This type of cleaning also includes cleaning of cupboards and drawers, window frames and doors. Hot water extraction cleaning of carpets will ensure that all germs are killed and this will also give the carpets a new lease of life. The change in the weather from hot to cold is how mould and mildew can grow and spread rapidly.

A professional deep clean is the perfect solution to clean and sterilise before this happens.

  1. Improve staff productivity

A professional deep clean is a great time to do a clear out of your home or office. This is known to improve staff productivity, and also decluttering will minimise any accidents in the workplace.

  1. A pleasant and welcoming environment

When a deep clean is carried out, including cleaning all of the furniture and equipment, surfaces and floors, it will make the place look like new again.

You can’t beat the feeling of walking into your home or office when the place is smelling fresh and looking pristine, it gives you a massive boost and increases morale and productivity.

When you book a professional deep clean with Mint, this improves health and staff well-being in the workplace along with leaving your office looking and smelling fresh for staff and visitors alike.