First impressions are vitally important. Your premises need to be clean, safe and presentable – not just for new visitors, but at all times.

We know from our years of experience in London office cleaning services just how important it is that you leave visitors and potential clients with a good first impression of your business, from when they walk up to the entrance to when they exit the building. You may be a large reputable company, but if your building is untidy and unpleasant, then you will soon see a decline in custom.

The areas which need the most attention for the upkeep and success of your business are as follows…

1. Exterior/Entrance

The first thing that anyone will notice is the exterior facade of the building, so you should always check that the signage is clean and clear, along with the windows and doors at the front of the premises.

As a customer, you want to enter into a clean, welcoming premises so it is a very important part of your business and it should be maintained. Your branding is on the outside, and if the signage is dirty and the windows are grimy, why would anyone want to go inside? It is just as important to clean the exterior as the interior of the building.

2. Reception/Main Area

As you know, this is the area in the building where your visitors will spend the most amount of time, so it has the highest amount of traffic and the heaviest footfall.

This is why the area should not only be clean and tidy, but it should be a safe environment for staff and visitors alike. So the floors should always be dry and free from any clutter. You don’t want anyone slipping or falling, health and safety should be at the top of your list.

Any crockery, cutlery or glassware should be spotlessly clean if you are serving food or drink to the public and seats and tables need to be in pristine order. Would you sit down on a dirty seat at a dirty table? Customers need to know that they are in safe hands when it comes to their health, so this is definitely something that can leave a lasting impression!

3. Washrooms

The areas with the most risk of infection from bacteria are toilets and washrooms, so they need to be cleaned professionally. We know how important it is that your washrooms are maintained on a daily basis and that all dispensers are fully stocked.

For instance, if you use the washroom in a restaurant or pub where they are serving food and the toilets are in a bad condition, you will always remember that place and you would have told at least one person about your experience. This is where word of mouth comes into place, and your company can quickly gain a bad reputation because of something which could have been easily prevented.

Even if the toilets are clean, you need to ensure that there is enough toilet roll in each cubicle. Hand towels and soap dispensers should be topped up and the floors and around the sinks should be dry, as there could be a risk of injury.

We can take all of the hassle out of these daily tasks by looking after everything for you with our London office cleaning services. Our policies ensure that the highest standards of care are provided for all employees and others in the vicinity. We also carry out all of the relevant risk assessments and we provide all of our own materials and equipment.

Our experienced office cleaning staff are on hand to assist you and we also stock a full range of consumable products which can be dispatched for next day delivery.



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