Firstly, having clean office washrooms is something that is left up to your daily office cleaning company. However, it doesn’t have to be something that you dread. Moreover, it’s not as big a task as you may think if you want to keep on top of things throughout the day.

Most importantly, the washroom should be cleaned to prevent any sickness in the workplace from the spread of harmful bacteria. In conclusion, this can have a dramatic effect to the success of your business. Employees will have sick days and this will affect the business.

Here are some washroom cleaning tips for your workplace:

Equip Yourself With The Correct Tools

By ensuring that you have all the correct tools for clean office washrooms, it will make the task so much easier for you. All washrooms should have soap dispensers, automatic if possible to improve hand hygiene and to reduce the mess which is made from old school soap.

Having good hand dryers in the washrooms will definitely make a vast improvement when it comes to hygiene. Not only that, but these hand dryers will reduce the amount of paper waste. Your cleaning cupboard should be fully stocked with eco-friendly cleaning products, with plenty of microfibre cloths, toilet cleaning chemicals and antibacterial sprays. Glass cleaner will be needed to keep the mirrors clean and streak-free.

Set Up A Cleaning Schedule

Tasks such as washroom cleaning can easily be forgotten when you are running a busy office. Have a schedule that you can stick to which will work in line with your washrooms. If a deep clean is carried out on a weekly basis, this will ensure that the washrooms are maintained and kept in a clean and safe situation.

Put Together A Checklist

You need to pay attention to all areas to ensure that the washrooms are spotlessly clean and free from germs. If you can put a checklist together that will be a good start.

You need to:

  • Clean the inside and outside of the toilets
  • Clean the floors, making sure that get right into the corners and behind the toilet
  • Clean all surfaces including around the sinks, doors, and door handles
  • Wipe down all dispensers and hand dryers
  • Clean and polish all glass and mirrors
  • Replace toilet rolls or hand towels if necessary

Carry Out Spot Checks

To keep on top of things, you should carry out regular spot checks in all of the washrooms to ensure that all areas are hygienic and fully stocked. There are many factors which could leave the washrooms looking untidy and messy. Soap on the surfaces and water splashes around the sink can be off-putting, also toilet roll may be strewn around the room, so it is best to check up as often as you can to make sure that things don’t get out of hand.

Your commercial cleaning company will take care of the evening or morning cleaning for you, and if required you can have someone on-site during the day for larger, busier offices. This will ensure that you will have clean office washrooms.