We are now more conscious than ever about the impact we have on the environment. Business owners are now committing to protecting and preserving the Earth, all down to the current pace of climate change. It won’t just be a massive benefit for the planet, but also for your business, as it can lead to substantial financial savings. It can also be used to promote your business in a really positive way, especially when it comes to hiring new employees and it can build morale in the office.

No matter the size of your business, there is always something that you to do to help improve the state of the environment. If you implement your own policies and stick to them, you can start to make your office more eco-friendly. Here are a few ways you can help…


Looking around the office, you will notice that there a lot of resources that can be overused. Electricity, electronics, plastic water bottles, and food packaging are all areas where you can help to make the planet a better place by improving your carbon footprint.

Energy use is a good starting point, as so much electricity is unnecessarily wasted. If you can disable screen savers on computers in the evening, this will save energy, so it is the small things that can really help. Lights should go on timers and only heat areas that are being used, there’s no need to heat the whole building if not all of the rooms are being used.

Natural light is not just cheaper, but it is a lot healthier. If you can encourage your staff to use natural light while they are working, that will help, especially in the Spring and Summer months. You can even invest in planet-friendly shutters, whereby a company will use wood from forests that replant, and you can cut down on your energy use considerably as they provide insulation.


As we all know, plastic has become a massive problem for our planet, devastating sea life in our oceans. Your business can downsize by investing in water coolers, better still you could supply all employees with their own water bottle which can be reused, which a lot of companies are now starting to do as things are getting out of hand. We need to make a change to our daily office cleaning routine…

Another thing that can be used in more environmentally friendly ways is paper, which we use so much of every day. Encourage staff to print on both sides of the paper and recycle old documents and printer cartridges, if you have recycling bins near photocopying machines and printers that will be even better, and staff will into a routine. Don’t print anything unless necessary, the majority of our work now is via email and you can send and receive documents this way.


We all need to get in and out of work, this a part of everyone’s day. Some of your employees may be able to do a part of their work from home, as they all have mobiles and access to email. This also uses less of the company’s building resources. If you’re unable to provide this to your employees, then you could try and promote car sharing, public transport, or walking and cycling if possible.

Offering vouchers for bus or train travel or a voucher for a sports shop for walkers/cyclists as an incentive will definitely encourage morale between staff. If you can provide locker rooms for staff to change clothes and an area for bike storage that would be a nice little bonus.


Most companies will purchase supplies for the office such as hand towels or toilet paper, cups or detergents, without knowing the origin of those items. You can find out from your supplier whether or not they use eco-friendly products, most companies these days try their best to stay up to date with green cleaning policies, so I’m sure that they can supply you with those type of products if they haven’t already.

It is also a benefit to the environment when a product is produced and shipped locally. If you can find a local supplier, all the better, and you will cut down on the environmental costs of transport – which in time will benefit all of us. Providing green cleaning services is a really positive move for your business.


Staff play such an important part in making your business successful, not only that but they can come up with some great ideas when it comes to putting together your green workplace. You can put together an environmental awareness and conservation team to see what ideas they can come up with, any help will go a long way. The team can help with all aspects of eco-friendly awareness within the company.

It doesn’t take a drastic change in the office to help the planet. These small measures are a great starting point, and if we can all get into a routine of saving electricity and recycling, we will all benefit as will our children, so let’s make that change while we can.