With colds and viruses in abundance at the moment, it will only be a matter of time before your staff are sneezing and coughing and passing germs around the office. Obviously, when staff are unwell they should be kept away from the office. There are a number of ways in which employers can minimise germs being spread around the workplace.

It is a really clever move for businesses to tackle hygiene and health in the office. It is really worth investing in the health and safety of your employees. If you want to boost productivity then it is vital. Also, if your staff feel like they are being looked after then this can only be positive. You will see the benefit when staff are working efficiently and effectively. Invest in your employees and put a smile on their face.

With the arrival of co-working and shared office spaces, this has really contributed to the spread of germs, as they are moved around the office much quicker. Here are some tips which should help towards the prevention of germs and bacteria in the workplace…

Clean Hands

The biggest transporter of germs are your hands, in almost every environment. It’s important to ensure that all areas are cleaned such as keyboards, your mouse, and your phone. Also, it is really important that all employees’ hands are cleaned regularly with a hand sanitiser.

By having automatic soap dispensers in the washrooms, and having antibacterial hand pumps in the office, this will help to keep the workplace healthy and working efficiently. Another good option is motion sensor taps and ensuring that door handles are cleaned regularly with an antibacterial spray.

Clean Start

Maintaining a hygienic workplace is the most effective way of ensuring that your staff are happy and healthy. It may be that you are unable to arrange daily professional cleaning, but you should at least be able to provide the tools required to keep the office hygienic between professional cleaning days. Staff should wipe down their desks every morning before they start with their daily tasks. Make sure that you have antibacterial wipes accessible for all staff.

Fresh Air

Having fresh air in the workplace is so important and can be sometimes overlooked. In the colder months when windows are kept closed, this is when bacteria and germs thrive. You should think about investing in air filtration systems to maintain clean airflow in the office. Air vents and filters do need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they are kept free from dust and in proper working order.