You would be shocked if you knew how many small bugs could be thriving in the workplace.

In your office, there should be a zero-tolerance policy against bugs but sometimes this is not the case. There are an abundance of different bugs which can be in the office, and these can all pose a significant health risk, so they need to be eradicated.

If there are spiders in the office, then you may have a bug problem. Spiders survive by eating other insects, so if they are hiding in air vents, corners of rooms or desks, this may be the time to carry out a deep clean to eliminate any pests or bugs.

Bugs are attracted to food and they will go towards any area where food is being prepared. In an office where you have a lot of people working, they will love this type of environment and flies will lay eggs in areas such as unemptied bins. Drain flies will lay larvae which feed on dirt which is found around sinks. Silverfish love humidity and they live around drains, but they can move to the office towards books and paper. Ants will head towards a food source and will set up camp there.

Not to forget bed bugs, they will eventually find their way into the office. They will attach themselves to their host in search of fresh blood. These pests can breed and multiply extremely quickly and they can live in the office furniture until they find their next victim.

Just because these bugs may exist in the workplace, it does not mean that the place is really dirty. It is advisable though that you keep to a daily cleaning schedule to prevent an influx of these types of bugs. You should encourage staff to eat food in a designated area such as a canteen or staff kitchen/communal area, rather than eating at their desks, as telephones and keyboards are a hub for these pests.

Not only is a tidy workplace a pleasant environment to work in, but it can also help to minimise absences due to staff becoming ill.

To really get to the source of the problem, you need to hire an office cleaning company to eradicate all of the pests and bugs efficiently from your office in the safest way possible.

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