We all know how important it is to maintain a clean working environment, although sometimes this can be overlooked when we are really busy in the office. If you clean your office, it is important to stick to a checklist. With a detailed list, you can guarantee that your office will be as germ-free as possible. Here are a few tips for everything which should be included on your office cleaning checklist:


Your computer, mouse, and keyboard can contain more germs than the average toilet seat – so they say. By cleaning these office items with antibacterial wipes or sprays you can avoid these harmful germs, especially if you eat your lunch at your desk on a daily basis!

Your drawer can also contain a lot of germs and dust, even though it is not used as much as your computer, mouse, and keyboard. Drawers need to be sorted regularly, to avoid the build-up of rubbish and unwanted paperwork or any unnecessary clutter. If you store food in your drawer, make sure that you are throwing it out if you are finished with it, as this could start to smell in the office and it will become a breeding ground for germs.

Your telephone handset should be cleaned with an antibacterial wipe to remove all of the germs which have built up throughout the day. This is especially important if you are sharing your handset with a colleague as you can pick up illnesses this way, it is the easiest way to pass germs on to others, which can lead to colds, cases of flu and worse.


As we all know, the reception is the first area in the office that everyone sees, staff and visitors alike. This whole area of the office needs to be spotless as you want to create a good first impression. Vacuum the reception and wipe down the main desk and seating area, along with cleaning doors, frames, and glass to remove fingerprints.

It is vitally important that the bathrooms are kept clean as you do not want any of your staff becoming ill, so these areas need to be maintained. The sinks, toilets, and floors should be thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis. The bins need to be emptied and there should be enough paper towels, toilet paper, and soap. All mirrors are to be wiped down along with door handles. If required, air freshener can be used to remove any unpleasant smells or odours in the air.

You should pay particular attention to disinfecting all kitchen work surfaces, floors, and sinks. The inside of the fridge and the microwave need to be cleaned too, as these can get very messy when there’s a lot of staff using them, food can spill inside them and bacteria will spread rapidly.


All bins should be emptied regularly and they need to be wiped down. Floors should be vacuumed, all tables and surfaces should be sanitised especially in communal/waiting areas. Clean all windows, windowsills, and frames to ensure that they are free from any fingerprints or streaks. To stop the spread of unwanted illnesses, wipe and sanitise all door handles throughout the building. Also, sanitise areas such as phones and printers which are used very regularly by all employees.

If you follow these steps, you will have a germ free and healthy workplace for everyone.

To really keep on top of things, you need to hire a commercial cleaning company to maintain the cleanliness of the office. We can help with all of your office cleaning requirements.

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