Carpet Cleaning London

Carpets play an important role in maintaining a healthy and presentable office environment for your staff and visitors. You may have a lot of traffic throughout the office, and this can be a major cause of carpet wear and tear.

Whether it is a one-off office carpet cleaning which is required or a regular carpet clean, we can help. There are many ways to clean a carpet, it all depends on the type of carpet and the level and nature of the soiling.

We find that our hot water extraction cleaning method is the most effective method and will not only remove stains but will sanitize them, leaving you with a welcoming working area. Hot water extraction cleaning is an advanced cleaning method, this is the safest method which does not damage the carpets at all.  The frequency of carpet cleaning will depend on how heavily the carpet is used. Daily vacuuming and regular spot cleaning will help maintain the appearance and longevity of your office carpets. We have a team of dedicated office carpet cleaning technicians who are all highly experienced in hot water extraction cleaning. We would recommend that the carpet should be professionally cleaned at least twice per year.

Sometimes you may only require cleaning in small areas, our cleaning technicians can spot clean these areas and can answer any questions you may have. Also, our office staff can advise you on the best methods before our visit so our team is well prepared for each individual visit. We have a reputation as one of the leading  Office Carpet Cleaning companies in London, working with a long list of estate agents and property management companies. Our Office Carpet Cleaning service is totally hassle-free and for extra peace of mind, we have full Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance.

We are fully ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, BICSc and SafeContractor accredited for your extra peace of mind. Health and Safety are of utmost importance to us and this demonstrates to our clients that everything is being handled professionally.

Carpet Cleaning at Home

You may believe that your carpets are clean as there is no visible dirt on the surface. Even if the carpets are vacuumed daily, it is not guaranteed that the carpet will be 100% clean and free from germs. If there have been spillages on the carpet, these dry in quickly and the carpets can be full of bacteria which could be spread around the home. If you have children, this can be a serious concern as they like to crawl around on the floor whilst they are playing with their toys and tend to lift their toys to their mouths, so you can imagine that there could be a considerable risk if the carpets are dirty.

As there are so many risks in the household due to dirty carpets, it is really important that you choose the right cleaning company to professionally clean your carpets, and at Mint we provide the best service possible. All of our London Carpet Cleaning staff are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience. We use professional equipment and materials which are perfect for this type of deep cleaning. There are other processes such as pre-treatment of stains and deodorizing which we carry out as part of the service. Whether in your home or your office, we understand that your carpet is a major investment. And when you’re welcoming guests to your home, we know you want them to have a great first impression.

Your carpet’s life can be prolonged by a simple maintenance regime. The key to good carpet maintenance is to prevent the particles of loose dirt and dust that will inevitably appear from working their way down into the pile. If they do, they will act abrasively on your carpet’s fibres and can cause discolouration. Some cleaning methods leave behind residual chemicals that can cause rapid re-soiling. Our intelligent system, combined with our powerful cleaning methods, ensure that all residues of dirt and bacteria are removed from deep in your carpet, keeping your carpets fresh, clean and bright.