Green Cleaning Services

We provide green cleaning products which help towards our impact on the environment. Firstly, we are very proactive with recycling as part of our green cleaning services. In addition, we encourage our clients to use recycling bins to dispose of plastic, glass and cardboard.

Our office staff are on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have. For instance, about our range of green cleaning products from Prochem. So, we can create a cleaning schedule for your office. Therefore, this will look after all of your green cleaning requirements.

A dedicated account manager is appointed to each site to closely monitor performance. Our staff will deliver the highest standards of cleaning. This is to ensure that your commercial cleaning service is being carried out efficiently.

Green Cleaning services are safe for the planet and are free from any harmful chemicals.

There are many green cleaning products available on the market now. Moreover, they are all labelled as green, and better for the environment.

If a product is green, it should be all of these:

  • Safe for water, ecosystems and fish
  • Made from plants and not petroleum
  • Biodegradable
  • Better for the air quality
  • Contain no carcinogens
  • Produces less waste for landfills
  • Better for energy conservation
  • Sustainable ingredients

In addition, you may want to find out more about green cleaning. Especially if you are the person who manages the office cleaning contract.

Health and Safety is really important to us. Most importantly, it shows our clients that everything is being handled professionally. In conclusion, we are fully accredited for your extra peace of mind.