Hard Floor Cleaning

The right professional approach

We specialise in hard floor cleaning services, and this is suitable for a wide variety of hard flooring and it can be used in all homes and offices. This is an effective way to restore the appearance of the flooring – whether it is laminate, solid wood, lino, vinyl etc. We guarantee a professional service to save you time and money.

What to expect from your hard floor cleaning service?

One of our experienced hard floor cleaning technicians will arrive to your property with all of their own specialist materials and equipment from Prochem. They will carefully inspect the floor to assess which method is best suited to your floor type. Our technician will proceed in one of the following ways:

Sealed floor cleaning method

The floor will be scrubbed with one of our professional machines using a pad which is designed for the specific floor type. This removes the top layer of sealant. The technician will then spread a specialist cleaning solution over the area and it is then left to settle for a while. This will soak up all of the dirt and debris from the floor. After this, our technician will use an extraction machine to remove the chemical along with all of the accumulated dirt and grime. Your floor will then be sprayed with a sealant and you will then be left with a perfectly clean and protected floor.

Polished floor cleaning method

This method is used on floors such as linoleum and vinyl. Our technician will inspect the floor and it will then be thoroughly cleaned and mopped. A special stripping solution is then applied to the floor and left for a little while. Then we will use our rotary machine to strip the polish from the floor. The old layer will then be removed along with all of the accumulated dirt and grime. When this has been completed, the floor is then mopped thoroughly with a neutraliser. A new layer of polish is then applied to the floor and you should be able to walk on it after 2-3 hours.

Regular rotary cleaning

If your floor does not need to be recoated, then our technician will just clean it thoroughly. It will be sprayed with a specialist cleaning solution which will dislodge any dirt and grime and will then clean it with a rotary machine.

About the hard flooring cleaners

Our hard floor cleaning technicians are specialists who use the latest professional equipment available. They are all fully insured so you have that extra peace of mind whilst our cleaners are carrying out this service.

This service can be booked in on its own, or as part of a clean such as after builders cleaning or as part of your office cleaning service.

Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance FAQs