Window Cleaning London

Book a window cleaning London service with us for your office. We will ensure that your windows look clean and revived all year round.

Choose quality window cleaning from our professional window cleaning teams who will carry out the cleaning safely and efficiently.

How are we going to clean your windows?

Our window cleaning technicians use a reach and wash pole system using pure water for exterior windows. This can reach up to the 5th floor of your building. For interior window cleaning, our teams use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and ladders for high reach areas.

Moreove, for cleaning conservatory windows, the same cleaning methods will apply. Our window cleaning technicians will wash all of the panes, frames and window sills. If the conservatory has wooden frames, then they will only clean the window panes so as not to damage the frames.

The windows will be left to dry naturally and as we use a pure water system, there will be no residue or streaks left on the glass.

What are the benefits of cleaning purified water?

  • A stream of purified water is the most effective method to clean your windows, leaving them shiny and gleaming.
  • The pure water molecules easily connect with and eliminate any dirt or residue. As a result, there will be no streaks left behind and you will be left with shiny windows. Longer than if they were cleaned with regular water and detergents.
  • This is the most eco-friendly method to clean your windows as absolutely no chemicals are use in this process.

What is the scope of your window cleaning service?

Our reach and wash pole system allows us to reach as high as the 5th floor. Ladders are only used for cleaning ground floor and first floor windows. Therefore eliminating the risks of accidental damage to the façade.

We are fully insured with Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance. So you are in very safe hands when you book any service with us. This ensures that you have peace of mind while we are carrying out our cleaning.

What are the advantages of regular window cleaning?

If you book regular window cleaning with us, we can provide with you a discounted rate. You can also choose the frequency of your window cleaning services, we recommend that they are cleaned every couple of months, or even quarterly. This all depends on the individual and your office cleaning requirements.

What types of windows can we clean?

  • Single and double windows
  • Sash windows
  • French doors
  • Bay windows
  • Skylights
  • Conservatory glass and many more

Window Cleaning FAQs